Unless a Separation Agreement or court Order makes maintenance non-modifiable, both maintenance and child support can be modified upon demonstrating a substantial change of circumstances. Some common reasons for changes to maintenance include loss of employment, substantial increases in income or co-habitation of the supported spouse. Child support can be modified if there is a change to either parties’ income or parenting time share.

Moreover, as children grow their needs and schedules change; thus parenting plans should be revisited. An infant may not have many overnight visits with his father, whereas a seven year old may respond well to a 50/50 schedule, sharing time equally between parents. Career demands may alter the amount of time one parent can spend with a child and sometimes, unfortunately, one parent may try and alienate a child from the other. Colorado allows you to ask the courts to modify a parenting plan if doing so is in the best interests of the children.

We are expert in negotiating revised parenting, child support or maintenance plans to suit your changing situation. Should it become necessary, we will secure top experts and advocate your position in court.