Can we really predict divorce?

It's a topic no one ever gets tired of raising.  Inevitably, after a couple of beers, standing around the BBQ, someone asks: "You've been a divorce attorney for 30 years now.  Surely you can tell if a couple should get married or not."  

Someone must have chatted up a reporter at The Times recently as well.  The July 11th article Our Love Affair with Predicting Divorce brings up a very good point at the end, the "idea that true love can be sustained by being nice."  A simple enough point, true, but probably the hardest one to achieve after a day at the office, a commute home, getting dinner on the table, cleaning it up, and if children are in the picture, then homework, bedtime, etc.  Stressors build until civility flies out the window, never mind kindness or romance.

In my opinion, many divorces could be prevented with a little pre-marital counseling to weed out couples that shouldn't be married or to give people a better understanding of what it takes to make a good marriage.  Marriage is like any other undertaking in life; it requires acquiring skill and commitment.

What I love to toast at weddings is a quote from one of my favorite law professors:  "Don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff."  The big picture and ultimate goal is keep your marriage as happy and light as possible -- your kids will thank you for it.