Wills and Trusts


In Colorado, if you are married without a will, there is a complex procedure for ensuring that a decendent’s spouse, children and other relatives are provided for. The disadvantage is that it’s the state that decides how assets are apportioned, not you. Further complications arise if you have minor children and leave no will behind. The court ultimately decides who is appointed as the child’s legal Guardian and Trustee.

At Rick Dyson Boulder Divorce & Family Law, we have over 20 years of experience in drawing up simple wills and trusts for families throughout Boulder. We also have nearly ten years of experience as parents – so we understand that struggling with whom to appoint as Guardian might be more difficult than how to divide your assets and can offer some practiced guidance there. At your preference, we can meet in person or by phone, draft your documents and then arrange an appointment for you to come sign them in front of witnesses and a Notary Public.